With more than 2000 members, the Yale Club of San Diego is one of the largest local Yale alumni clubs in the world. But fewer than 10 percent pay annual dues. It takes a substantial budget to run the club effectively. We rely completely on our contributing members to continue to host exciting and enriching events for you.

To contribute today, fill in the form on this page. We do not share your information. If you prefer to send your contribution by mail, fill out the form on this page, print it out, and send the form along with a check made payable to “Yale Club of San Diego” to the Yale Club of San Diego, P.O. Box 87402, San Diego, CA 92138.

We have several prestigious levels of giving:

True Blue Patrons ($50 or more), Presidential Patrons ($100 or more), Elihu Yale Patrons ($250 or more) and Nathan Hale Patrons ($500 or more) are recognized at the Annual Dinner and on our website.

Educator’s Club Members ($50 or more) and Book Award Contributors, as well as our Presidential, Elihu Yale and Nathan Hale Patrons, will be recognized at the Annual Book Award as well as on our website.

Presidential, Elihu Yale and Nathan Hale Patrons receive free entry to our annual Feb Club Emeritus celebration.

The Yale Club of San Diego is a section 501(c)(3) organization and is also classified as a public charity under section 509(a)(2). Your contributions are tax deductible as allowed by state & federal laws. Our contributing membership year runs from January 1 through December 31. For those who join after September 1, your membership will extend through the entire next membership year.


  • We can afford to send only one snail mailing a year to those without e-mail addresses. While our E-Newsletters are able to reach most members, there are hundreds of local Yalies we cannot reach electronically. Your contribution assures continued contact with all members. In addition, by providing the club with your email address, you allow us to keep you informed of news and events throughout the year.
  • Contributing members receive discounts on event costs, allow us to host the Annual Mixer at no charge, and permit us to extend an invitation to our Annual Dinner to matriculating students at a greatly reduced cost.
  • We help the Alumni Schools Committee interview over 250 freshman applicants each year and support the annual reception for admitted students held prior to the May 1 decision date.
  • We support outstanding students in over 20 San Diego high schools with our Book Award program and reception for promising juniors.
  • We plan and conduct San Diego’s Yale Day of Service on the second Saturday of each May.
  • Your contributions have enabled us to maintain our website.
  • Your contributing membership dues give us the support we need to host fun, enriching and classy events for you and your family.

Contributing to the Yale Club of San Diego is an easy way to maintain the unique sense of community you experienced while at Yale. Become a contributing member today!

2019 Nathan Hale Patrons

George Guerra ’82

Robert Hemphill ’66

Tim Wollaeger ’66 and Cindy Wollaeger

2019 Elihu Yale Patrons

Teresa Lewis ’82 and Michael Lewis ’83

Jason Lujan ’89

2019 Presidential Patrons

Lisette Acevedo, ’04 PhD

Dick Ahlborn  ’63

Susan Baer (Pernia), ’82 MBA

Regina Buckley ’90

Brendan Clifford ’75 MED

John G. Crossman ’58

Tatiana Doran ’99 LAW

Richard Edwards ’74

Richard Haskel ’55

Bob Longstreth ’81 LAW

Manal Mehta ’01

Elizabeth Nolan ’83 MED

Elizabeth Porterfield ’78

Kent A. Tartt ’85

Brian Trotier ’77

2019 True Blue Patrons

Jeffrey Barnouw ’63, ’69 PhD

John C. Carson ’50

Ramon Castillo ’72

John Chane ’72 DIV

Conor Robinson ’10

Megan Schirmacher ’93

2019 Educator’s Club

Susan Astarita ’93 DIV

Chieko Barry ’84 LAW

Sonia Colon ’68 MPH

Donna Shelby Batchelor Courtney ’01, ’07 DIV

Michael Espar ’98

Susan Shaw Hulbert ’83

Cynthia Meyer ’83 MPH

Bob Resnik ’60

Milda Simonaitis ’88

Ruth Warburg PA ’80

AJ Wilson ’66 DIV, ’67 STM

Please donate and become a contributing member today!

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