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Since 1964, the Yale Club of San Diego has been an all-volunteer group of Yale affiliated alumni that gives of their time to build and grow the Yale community.  Our goals are to promote social camaraderie, intellectual pursuit, and community service.  Whether connected to Yale College, the Yale Graduate and Professional Schools, or you are a parent or spouse of a Yalie, all are welcome and encouraged to make us the Finest Alumni in America’s Finest City.

The Yale Club of San Diego is always looking for volunteers and ideas to make the Club a more rewarding experience for you.  Please let us know at yaleclubofsandiego@gmail.com

Jason P. Luján ’89

YCSD President

YCSD Board Members Wanted

Local Alumni,

The YCSD Board of Directors is in need of your time and talent to help continue making this the Finest Collegiate Club in America’s Finest City.  The following Director positions are open for the upcoming 2020-2021 term:

  • Annual Brunch Chair
  • Events Chair

As an all-volunteer organization, the YCSD can not function without your support.  Interested applicants wanting to know more details on the position as well as time commitments may contact the YCSD President at yaleclubofsandiego@gmail.com.

Newly Accepted to Yale?

Take a Virtual Tour of Yale’s Campus.

Congratulations to all the students accepted to the Yale College Class of 2024.  Although COVID-19 has currently put a crimp on visiting New Haven, there is an option to experience all that Yale has to offer by virtually touring the campus (see the above link).  Enjoy.

News & Events during COVID

To say a pandemic has disrupted our lives is an understatement.  The YCSD has been no exception as we adapt and strive to offer our local San Diego Yale Alumni further opportunities to engage each other.  Some quick announcements:

  • The 2020 YCSD Annual Brunch has been postponed.  Our planned June event will be rescheduled pending State and County based COVID guidelines for reopening public events.
  • The 2020-2021 YCSD Board of Directors election slate will be sent to Alumni via an email link.  Please watch for that announcement detailing the candidates.  There are also unfilled positions for Secretary, Events Chair, and Annual Brunch Chair.  Nominations (including self-nominations) are greatly encouraged.
  • Announcing a new webinar program titled “YCSD Alumni Perspectives”.  This program modeled after a Master’s Tea intends to periodically feature COVID-affected topics for alumni to engage each other in discussion.  The inaugural program will feature co-hosts Valerie Norton, MD and Jason Luján, MD as they discuss novel coronavirus epidemiology and how the medical profession has adapted.  Please stay tuned for additional topics!

The Yale Corporation Alumni Fellow Election Process

Fellow San Diego Yale Alumni,

There is consistent criticism regarding the opaque election process for Yale Corporation Alumni Fellows.  This sense of disenfranchisement is further exacerbated when nominated candidates are presented as biographies without opportunity for alumni to debate or vet these candidates’ platforms.  One wonders how does such a process benefit Yale or its Alumni tasked with electing them?  The Yale Club of San Diego has debated the matter, and has decided to use its forum to make our local San Diego Alumni aware of ongoing petition processes to get on the 2021 Yale Corporation ballot:

To qualify for next year’s ballot each candidate (with attached links) needs to respectively raise 4394 signatures before October 1st 2020.

Please review both candidates and their platforms.  The YCSD takes no position to endorse either one.  We do feel, however, that Yale Alumni are entitled to vote for a slate of candidates with clearly held positions and under a more transparent election process.


The Yale Club of San Diego

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Become a Contributing Member of the Yale Club of San Diego

We hope that Yale has made a difference in your life, and with your contribution we can continue to make a difference in the lives of other Yalies and within our communities. We invite you to support the Yale Club of San Diego by becoming a Contributing Member.

Your tax-deductible dollars help support programs such as the YCSD Book Award, Yale Day of Service, and Alumni Schools Committee (ASC), in addition to offsetting the costs of social and professional events offered throughout the year.

For God, For Country, and for Yale!
and for San Diego!

Become a Contributing Member Now!

The Yale Club of San Diego (EIN: 33-0001712) is a participant in the AmazonSmile Foundation.  What this means for Yale Alumni is that you can designate the Yale Club of San Diego as a beneficiary whenever you  shop on AmazonSmile.  Proceeds from your donation help the Club promote social camaraderie, intellectual pursuit, and community service.  

Register now at smile.amazon.com and select “Yale Club of San Diego”.

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